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About Us

Originally founded in 2009 as Stephens International and renamed as Stephens Rickard in 2018, we are an Executive Search firm focussed on the global Insurance, Reinsurance and Alternatives/ILS markets, with the main hubs in London and Zurich.

Our knowledge and experience is derived from years of delivering excellence for our clients, allowing us a competitive edge.  

We work closely with our clients to understand their business, strategy and culture in some detail, which enables us to represent them accurately and source the most suitable individual(s) for them.

This also enables us to provide potential appointees with objective career counsel, and increases the likelihood of the appointee remaining with their new employer for the long term.

- Insurance

- Reinsurance

- Alternatives/ILS

We have extensive experience of senior appointments across a range of market areas and their disciplines including: 

Appointments include C-suite roles and Non-Executive Directors, as well as technical appointments at and just below Executive level. We have also assisted clients with several underwriting team acquisitions.

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Lead the way 

We work with the experienced team at Lead the Way to support our candidates.   Using their experience of coaching, psychometrics tools and therapeutic support, we are able to provide a wraparound service at all stages of the process of working towards your new appointment. With over 50 years of experience in business, education and consultancy, they are also able to provide support for teams and organisations on a wide range of issues such as conflict management, leadership development and cultural change.

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