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Executive  Retention Strategies

Retention of key employees can be a complex challenge. Whether your organisation is underperforming or exceeding expectations you will find your executives are targeted by competitors, and/or unsettled by change.

Retaining such individuals isn’t simply or even necessarily just a matter of paying them more. Anything from the structure of rewards through flexible working practices to sabbaticals, coaching, sponsoring further study and even bespoke compensation deals encourage loyalty and commitment from the beneficiaries of such incentives.

Advisory Services

As well as the mainstream role we perform for a range of clients (i.e. finding key executives and teams for them) across the financial services markets, Consultants at Stephens International are well placed to provide services beyond this.

The examples below provide an illustration of some of these services and with contacts across Banks, (Re)insurers, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds and Family Offices as well as Private Equity organisations and Ultra High Net Worth individuals, we have facilitated a number of opportunities for clients by working closely with our associates including:

o Introduction of capital, (both working and risk capital)
o Competitor analysis
o Product Diversification opportunities
o Strategic input on matters such as alternative capital structures & tail risk solutions

Compensation Benchmarking

General overviews of compensation and benefits including salary levels and average increases are readily available from the major benefit consulting firms. However, there are instances where smaller organisations and more specialist firms require greater depth of information which is not easily obtained.

The nature of our work as an Executive Search Practice affords us a clear and unbiased view of the salary levels, benefit packages and incentive plan structures of numerous senior individuals and executives working within the insurance and reinsurance markets.

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